Artists choose colour

Room for all colours in exhibition Colour at Keramiekmuseum Tegelen

from 20 May up to and including 25 September

How boring and gloomy would the world be without colour? Colours bring liveliness. Which, many or few? A bit or, rather, exuberant? It doesn’t matter! Each variant is beautiful! Together, they offer an exciting spectrum of nuances in which there is room for every shade. The exhibition “Colour” is a tribute to all colours on earth and of the rainbow. Renowned artists, from home and abroad, each choose their colours in a unique way.

Numerous shades of blue incorporated in refined patterns are characteristic of the work from the English artist Peter Beard. He has developed a batik technique for ceramics. Here, he works with several layers of glaze on top of each other and, in between them, he makes beautiful drawings with wax that, locally, allow the underlying glaze to emerge again. The result is intriguing and organic patterns in all shades of blue possible. From the bright fresh blue on a bright wintry day to the typically tropic azure blue or a deep cornflower blue.

Intense blue can also be found in the work by Wouter Dam. His skins are not fanciful like Peter Beard’s, but smooth and soft. This well-known Dutch ceramicist each time chooses one colour and sprays it on this work in the form of sinter engobe, a layer of clay that remains matt. The sinter engobe creates wonderful velvety skins.

Beautifully matt and monochrome is also the work from Maria Woydat (GB). Although, not completely monochrome. Maria gives each form, ór side of a form, one colour, but after that she orders and classifies the differently tinted objects. She plays with them, the way you can arrange the colours in a colour box. Like a stylist, she looks for colour groups with colour cards. The result: beautiful modest installations.

German Dorothee Wenz’ objects are also carefully composed. She constructs her forms with numerous layers of coloured porcelain. From a distance, they fuse to a softer pastel shade. Close to, they consist of many bright and cheerful colours.

France-born Jean-Paul Landreau’s work is also cheerful and exuberant. He provides his work with colourful and lively patterns. He makes them with brushstrokes and countless colourful dots, the latter carefully applied with a trailer.

Dynamic brushstrokes combined with an exuberant colour palette can also be found in the work of Anna Heike Grüneke (DE), Christine Duncombe-Thüring (DE) and Carolyn Genders (GB), who uses a combination of painting, polishing and scratching, a technique reminding one of working with pastel crayons at primary school.

Less intuitive, but at least as beautiful is the work by Liesbeth Kamp (NL). Her abstract forms have different colours and patterns on the outside and inside. This creates a fascinating dialogue between inner and outer space. The organic patterns and the rounded forms also remind one of fruits.

The work from Marjan De Voogd (NL) is organic, too. Her work shows beautiful porcelain sculptural flowers. In addition, she uses the complex nerikomi technique to make porcelain plates and objects, constructed from organic patterns. In them, one can discover flowers, rugged mountainous landscapes and rough waves.

Wonderful flowers can also be found in Jan Kamphuis’ work. He provides his work with exuberant flower decors with the complex reverse painting on glass method. It is a kind of ‘blind’ technique. It starts with the highest-lying lines and then working ‘back’ to the background which is put across it last. Then the still flat sheet of clay with the picture is removed from the glass sheet and it isn’t till then that the picture becomes visible. Finally, he forms his objects from the decorated sheets.

Opening: Friday 20 May, 16:00.


Peter Beard (GB); Wouter Dam (NL); Christine Duncombe-Thüring (DE); Carolyn Genders (GB); Anna Heike Grüneke (DE); Liesbeth Kamp (NL), Jan Kamphuis (NL); Jean-Paul Landreau (FA); Marjan de Voogd (NL); Maria Woydat (GB), Dorothee Wenz (DE)

The artists below will be present in person to explain their work:

  • 12 June, 14:00, Liesbeth Kamp
  • 11 September, 14:00, Jan Kamphuis
  • 25 September, 14:00, Carolyn Genders
  • 6, 7 and 27 August (workshop), Marjan de Voogd

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