From shapeless clay to shapely pot

Man has been making ceramics for thousands of years. Many different techniques have been developed during that time. In the Tiendschuur you can see ceramists at work, both on the traditional potter’s wheel and with the contemporary 3D printer for clay.

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Demonstration on the potter’s wheel

Everything that used to be made behind the potter’s wheel, was made by hand and with human power. No electric power! Kick the flywheel until the wheel turned hard enough. This was an enormous attack on the potter’s kneecaps. But he had no choice, it was his livelihood and he continued it until his knees gave way. Today he uses a softly whirring electronically operated turntable. However, the technique of throwing a pot is still the same as it was thousands of years ago.

Are you coming with a group? Then book your own pot throwing demonstration! For only € 35, the potter will show you the intricacies of the craft. Reservations: by phone 077-3260213 or by email.

Demonstration 3D printer

In the middle of the museum presentation about the history of ceramics in the region, a hypermodern computer-controlled machine has recently been installed: a 3D printer for clay. The ceramicist will explain to you how he goes from a design on the computer screen to an object in clay. He shows how the device works and you can admire the products of this technique.

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Are you coming with a group? Then book your own 3D demonstration. The costs are € 25 per demonstration.
Inquire about the possibilities, by telephone 077-3260213 or by email.

We request that you carefully observe the COVID-19 measures during the demonstrations, including 1.5 meters away.