Pot throwing demonstration

Everything made at the potter’s wheel in the past was made by hand and with human power. Electrical power? No way! You had to kick the flywheel until the potter’s wheel was turning fast enough. This meant an enormous assault on the potter’s kneecaps. There was nothing they could do about it, it was their livelihood; they just continued until their knees broke down. Nowadays, potters have a noiselessly fully automatic turning wheel. The technique is still exactly the same.

Every month, there is a pottery demonstration at the Tiendschuur. Here, you can watch this centuries-old miracle according to traditional methods with your own eyes. The pottery demonstration last from 14:00 – 17:00.

Are you a group? Then book your own pottery demonstration! For only €35, the potter will teach you the tricks of the trade. You can book by telephone +31 (0)77-3260213 or by email.

Demonstration 3D printer

The Keramiekcentrum Tiendschuur museum presents recently in the middle of the collection about the ceramic history of the region a hypermodern computer-controlled machine: a 3D printer for clay.

On each first Wednesday of the month (with an exception of 6 March 2019), between 14:00 and 16:00, demonstrations with the clay printer will be given. You can then see the printer in operation and admire the creations in clay it makes.

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