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Building with clay

Ode to the inestimable value of clay as a building material In the exhibition for this autumn 2023, the theme chosen is "Building with clay", following […]

Ehibition Ceramic Legacy Jac. Bongaerts

25th anniversary of an impressive ceramic legacy The Foundation for the Preservation and Management of Ceramic Heritage Jac. Bongaerts is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year […]

The large Christmas group of Jac. Bongaerts

It is on display again, Jac. Bongaerts' amazing Christmas group! This masterpiece of the museum is brought out every year around Christmas time. The Christmas group […]

Niek Hoogland

Figurehead for sludge decorated pottery of Tegelen A solo exhibition for figurehead and ambassador of sludge decorated pottery of Tegelen. Niek Hoogland is celebrating a double […]

Opening Exhibition Niek Hoogland

Jos Schatorje, former director of the Limburgs Museum will comment on Niek Hoogland's solo exhibition. You are welcome to attend this opening.

The new white Gold

Contemporary porcelain art Porcelain was the white gold brought to the Netherlands during the VOC era. In the 18th century, European factories succeeded in producing a […]