Donation collection Petra Verberne

January 18 through April 7, 2019

An overview of the donation of the Petra Verberne collection

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12 April to 22 September 2019

This time the theme of the exhibition is Printing techniques on ceramics. Ceramics can be decorated in countless ways. One of the very oldest is printing objects in the wet clay. The Babylonians thus stamped the oldest known cuneiform script in their clay tablets. Meanwhile, the spectrum of graphic techniques on ceramics has been expanded with screen prints, rollstamps, transfers, monotype and much more. We would like to show the surprising possibilities and beauty of printed ceramics with an international selection of renowned artists.

Vanitas - transitoriness caught in clay

27 September 2019 to 26 January 2020

Vanitas: the vanity of things or everything goes by. Seasons come and go, people get older. Plants die off, perished. Buildings burst, paintings fade, stones wear off. A theme that inspires artists for centuries. This exhibition shows work by artists from home and abroad. They capture the test of time in their ceramic artworks.