Frustrating and headstrong art in the Tiendschuur

Artists in exhibition 'POTverdorie!' don't care about rules.
Until 15 May 2022.

This exhibition in the Tiendschuur ceramics centre in Tegelen lures everyone out of the tent, or rather into the tent. And that is just as well, because it is high time we went back into the museums. Every visitor who comes to see this exhibition is challenged by the intriguing works of art. They evoke the desire to get to the bottom of them, to understand how they were made, whether you are a ceramic expert or a dummy. And this gives rise to the 'ge-potverdorie', because even the most experienced potter gets frustrated when trying to find out how the works of art in this exhibition were made. No traditional craftsmanship and old pottery techniques. The artists in this exhibition are stubborn, inventive and disregard all the rules of the traditional ceramic craft. Exhibitors

Exhibitors participating in the exhibition

Anne Butler (GB); Zsiri Dempsey (IE); Yao van den Heerik & Marlieke Wijnakker (NL); Heide Hentze (DK); Ruben Hoogvliet (NL); Dick Lion (NL/DE); Lauren Nauman (VS); Beatrijs van Rheeden (NL); Alice Walton (GB); Jólan van der Wiel (NL)

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