Love Suffering Lust

Passion in Ceramics

24 September 2021 to 16 January 2022

In 2021, the five-yearly passion plays were performed again in Tegelen. Passion is about the Passion of Christ, but also about human suffering and emotions.

The exhibition in the Tiendschuur shows passion in the broadest sense of the word. From sculptures in which human feelings are expressed to fascinating sculptures that refer to spirituality and contemplation. There are sensual works that deal with all possible variations, they show the stages between physicality, turmoil, affection, love and lust. But there are also expressive sculptures that refer to the human struggle to maintain oneself, to be accepted and loved, with all the frustrations that go with it. The ceramic sculptures in this exhibition were made by artists from home and abroad. Despite their different origins and backgrounds, they are one in their efforts to capture our universal emotions in images.

The exhibition Love Suffer Lust is fascinating, recognisable, sometimes causes pity, a tear sometimes a smile and a warm feeling inside.

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The ceramists participating in the exhibition:

Elsa Alayse (FA), Janneke Bruines (NL), Marie-Josée Comello (BE), Sylvia Evers (DE/NL), Wayne Fisher (FA/US), Rheinhilde van Grieken(BE), Louise Hindsgavl (DK), Teja van Hoften (NE), Hugo Meert (BE), Marieke Pauwels (BE), Johan Thunell (SE), Horacio Venturin (BR/ NE) and Nele Waldert (DE).