Building with clay

Beautifully built artworks show utility and beauty of ceramics

from 15 September 2023 up to and including 14 January 2024

Anyone that looks around themselves very well for only just a moment, is likely to see quickly an object made of ceramics. The coffee cup, the breakfast plate, the washbasin, the toilet-bowl, the tiles on the wall and floor, the bricks in the wall, even the tiles on the roof. In addition to useful things, clay is also used to make works of art. The exhibition ”Building with clay” shows ceramic art from home and abroad. All artists ‘build’ their works and/or refer to architecture. The occasion for the exhibition is the 250th anniversary of the Tegelen roof tile industry. This exhibition pays tribute to clay as a building material.

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Ceramic legacy Jac. Bongaerts

25th anniversary of an impressive ceramic legacy

from September 24, 2023 through January 14, 2024

The Foundation for Conservation and Management of Ceramic Heritage Jac. Bongaerts is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year with a small exhibition of works by Jac. Bongaerts. A small exhibition will open on Saturday 23 September at 2pm in Ceramics Centre Tiendschuur. In addition to top pieces, this exhibition will also feature objects from the depot, which have not been exhibited before, such as an earthenware pot with the text "my first pot" but also early objects, such as a black cylindrical vase dated 1959.

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