“in BOLD! print”

Art of printing on ceramics
April 12 through September 22, 2019

You can decorate ceramic objects with a pencil or trailer. Besides painting and drawing, however, you can also print the clay. There are numerous printing techniques for ceramics. The spectrum of graphic techniques on ceramics ranges from stamps, roll stamps, monotypes to screen prints. The latest exhibition at Keramiekcentrum Tiendschuur Tegelen has invited an international selection of renowned artists. They are not afraid of working with the often complex or time-consuming techniques. They decorate their work via all sorts of roundabout ways and obstacles. Their impressive works of art prove that it is absolutely worth making a detour.

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"On a bed of Clay"

Collection of asparagus dishes from top chef Herman van Ham
26 March to 30 June 2019

Herman van Ham (1931-2012) was a passionate and retired top chef at Hostellerie De Hamert in Wellerlooi, among others. He was a true admirer of the queen of the vegetable and acted as ambassador for the asparagus. He promoted the vegetable worldwide and wrote several cookbooks about the asparagus.

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