Slip Cast Ceramics

The art of slipcasting
25 September 2020 to 17 January 2021

Slip casted ceramics to be showed in all its forms. Made by a selection of ceramic artists from in and far outside the Netherlands. They prove that slipcasting is much more than just a reproduction technique. Their slipcasted pieces of art are astonishing. They vary from playful and inventive to technical and clean design to organic and whimsical.

The original idea of casting in clay was producing ceramics in series more quickly. Large numbers of exactly the same shapes, of which the makers’ casting edges and traces are carefully removed. This is the usual procedure in the ceramic industry regarding the production of services, vases, toilet bowls, washbasins, garden gnomes and much more… But there are other options as well!

Unleash a number of artists on this technique and they will manage to make unique creations with them and develop astonishing variants on the method. The work they make using moulds and casting clay is surprisingly original and versatile.