"Jus de céramique"

Glaze secrets
September 14, 2018 through January 13, 2019

Glazing is a specialty. It is possible to buy these in the shop in turn, as painters often do with paint nowadays. Most ceramic artists, however, choose to develop and put together their glazes themselves. This costs a lot of research, a lot of chemical work and more tests and patience. The results are worth all that effort; beautiful layering, color shades and different gradations in gloss and transparency. A complete overview is impossible in the field of glazing, but this exhibition does show an interesting selection of 'glaze' artists. Discover the secrets, complications, versatility and beauty of glazes, applied by renowned artists from all over Europe.

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"Christmas exhibition"

4 december 2018 t/m 6 januari 2019
Intimate Christmas atmosphere in the Tiendschuur

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