Purchased works / Donations

Tryptich complete thanks to three large donations

The First donation in 2007 was a collection owned by Mr and Mrs Elemans-Boekelman, which shows the story of Tegelen ceramics from 1935 to 1953. It comprises well over 1,000 items.

The Doensen collection continues exactly at the point where the Elemans-Boekelman donation stops. It starts in 1950, runs on to 1995. It shows the developments of contemporary Dutch and European ceramics and comprises well over 1,300 items. The museum received this donation in 2016.

The Petra Verberne collection continues where the Doensen collection stops: 1990 up to the present. It comprises some 200 objects.

These three large donations complement each other beautifully and are the reason that Keramiekcentrum Tiendschuur Tegelen possesses a complete overview of contemporary ceramics from 1935 up to now.

Recently, the museum purchased works from the following artists: