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Collection online

Browse the collection - on display and in the depot

A unique collection of historical and contemporary ceramics. Discover the talents of renowned or forgotten artists from the Netherlands and all over Europe. Be surprised by fine examples of craftsmanship and the beauty of ceramic art executed in clay and porcelain.

Ceramics Centre Tiendschuur is opening up its collection completely. You can now view all objects, both on display and in the depot. Want to know if we have anything by this or that ceramicist? Look it up yourself!

The entire collection can be accessed online via our collection management system. A search form allows you to search the collection, by maker, period of manufacture, technique, material or other search criteria. You will not only see objects presented on display, but also objects in storage.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Click on this link: Tiendschuur Collection
  2. Change in the right upper corner the language to your preference.
  3. Choose simple, advanced or expert search.
  4. Enter your search term(s).
  5. Click on Zoeken.
  6. View the results.