Koos Buster

A smile for the everyday

12 May to 10 September 2023

Koos Buster-Stroucken is nicknamed Minister of Ceramics. He is an ambassador for clay and enjoying it. Immediately after graduating from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, he is a shining star in the firmament of contemporary ceramic art. He makes that which no one gives a glance to from clay. A cleaning trolley, an ATM machine, an electrical socket or a full ashtray. With great love and pleasure, he clay these things, with attention to detail. He makes us look at the everyday and, in the process, extracts a broad smile.

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Factory Ceramics

Artful ode to coarse ceramics
15 September 2023 to 14 January 2024

In 1873, the first roof tile factory opened in Tegelen. Later, many more followed. Vitrified clay pipes, toilet pots, bricks, flower pots and coarse kitchen ceramics have also been made here on a large scale since then. Still 65% of all Dutch roof tiles are produced in Tegelen. This exhibition forms a journey through history and shows an anthology of Tegelen's coarse ceramics. In addition, a group of contemporary renowned artists are inspired by this theme. They pay tribute to the coarse ceramics, with exciting sculptures and installations.

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